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How to buy a towel rack


First, in terms of quality, the all-copper towel rack is the best, followed by the aluminum alloy towel rack; again, the stainless steel towel rack, and finally the zinc alloy towel rack. Of course, this must be considered comprehensively according to the hotel's economic capacity and grade.
Second, it can be selected according to the moisture resistance. Because the environment of the towel rack is humid, the moisture-proof and anti-corrosion functions of the towel rack are particularly important. When we buy, we should fully consider the material of the towel hanging, and make a choice accordingly.

Third, before installation, you can pinch one end of the towel hanging rod with one hand, and wipe it from one end to the other with the other hand. If the quality is inferior, you will feel small burrs and even peel off paint. These ills are hard to find with the naked eye. Also pay attention to the plating and coating quality of each shelf base. The viewing angle and the incident light are both about 70°, so it is easier to detect whether there are defects.