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The importance of an excellent dish draining rack


As the saying goes: "Illness comes from the mouth." In addition to eating healthy and healthy, the dishes we eat also need to be hygienic and healthy. However, the wooden chopsticks and chopping boards of our ordinary people are prone to mold. If you shake the washed dishes and chopsticks casually and put them directly into the disinfection cabinet or cabinet, the cabinet is damp due to the residual moisture, and the dishes that can not be dried It will breed bacteria.
Although the surface of the dishes and chopsticks that are directly wiped dry with a rag is clean, the concealed bacteria of the rag has spread all over the bowl. Directly placed on the countertop and there is water everywhere, which is particularly in the way... Is there any way to make our dishes clean and hygienic?

At this point, it is particularly important to have an excellent dish draining rack
This kind of draining rack is also called a draining basket, and it can also be called a dish rack. It can not only be used for the arrangement of tableware and chopsticks, but also for draining water. Bowls, plates, spoons, chopsticks, shovel... all of our common tools can be placed on them to drain.

With this good helper, the washed dishes and chopsticks can be put directly in. When the tableware is drained, and then stored in the cabinet, it will not make the countertop wet, nor will it make the tableware moldy and smelly.
For each tableware to be stored separately up, down, left, and right, the heightened double-layer design does not touch the countertop, which is clean and hygienic.

The high-quality drain rack is designed with different storage accessories for bowls, plates, chopsticks, knives and other tools. It can be disassembled and combined freely to meet the needs of different storage and draining, and the installation is also very convenient. The thoughtful design of the drip tray can pull and pour water to avoid the embarrassment of wet countertops and keep the entire kitchen tidy.