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What is the function of the tissue holder


The paper towel rack is a shell made of plastic or metal material, and a container for rolling paper or origami is built-in or placed. Homes, hotels, bathrooms, toilets, public places, entertainment places and other private and public places. The early barrel cartons gradually developed into large roll tissue boxes and origami holders. The style has gradually changed to modern and innovative ultra-luxury commercial quality design, leading European charm, noble and elegant, and fashionable and wonderful in decorative art.

What is the function of the paper towel rack? The more commonly used upright paper towel racks are introduced below.
The vertical paper towel rack includes three parts: a paper towel rack chassis, a cylindrical shaft and a paper towel rack top cover. The main feature is that one end of the cylindrical shaft is fixed on the paper towel rack chassis, and the other end is connected to the paper towel rack through it A locking mechanism between the top cover of the rack is connected with the top cover of the paper towel rack, and a paper towel clamping mechanism is installed beside the top cover of the paper towel rack. The upright paper towel rack of the utility model is adopted, so that the paper towel rack can be placed in various places without being installed on the wall, which increases the scope of its use. At the same time, it is convenient and quick to install the paper towel tube. It is necessary to hold the top cover of the paper towel and the clamping mechanism on the side with your hands, and do not directly touch the paper towel on the roll with your hands. It is easy and hygienic, and avoids contaminants on the roll from being contaminated by your hands when cooking or doing other work. The paper towels on the table bring convenience and sanitation to people.