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What are the bathroom supplies


The bathroom is a place that carries a lot of daily life, and there are many products that need to be used in all aspects. There are no less than a dozen kinds of bathroom products that we often use. So which bathroom products will be included in the complete set of bathroom products? Today we are going to make a complete list of bathroom supplies. Let's take a look at how many categories of bathroom supplies are divided into.

How are bathroom supplies divided?
Generally speaking, the bathroom must have the three basic functions of washing, bathing, and toileting, and the key to satisfying these three functions lies in the choice of products. So, what are the necessary items and facilities in the bathroom? Let's take a look below.

Washing area generally includes basin, water outlet faucet, towel rack, soap box, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tooth brushing cup, etc.;
Bathing areas generally include showers, non-slip mats, bathtubs or glass partitions, bath towel racks, bathing goods shelves, etc.;
The toilet area generally includes a toilet or squatting pan, a tissue box, and a toilet suction cup.

At the same time, the bathroom must also have the basic functions of lighting, ventilation, and water leakage from the floor.