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Reasonable use of bathroom storage racks


The space above the bathroom is ideal for small storage cabinets or a set of open shelves. The storage space above the bathroom is practical, space-saving, and super customizable.
All you want is to make the space above the bathroom look less empty, and you don't have to pay too much attention to this design. One or two floating shelves are sufficient. By giving them a solid appearance, they stand out a bit, but fortunately the design is simple.
One shelf is enough to change your bathroom forever. This is not necessarily because of its storage capacity, but because it allows you to fill a gap, a gap that ultimately prevents the space from fulfilling its potential. We are talking about a simple toilet shelf, like this one, it allows you to add color and joy to the room in a very simple and affordable way.

Turn the storage basket into a shelf to add a bit of uniqueness to your bathroom. They are perfect because holding extra towels close to the sink, but not in the way. You can hang the shelf above the toilet and fill the gap with something not only useful but also creative.