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Some ways to make the hook stick more firmly


First, smear the sticky hook with egg white.
Save the egg shell after beating the egg, because there will still be egg white on the egg shell. Then smear the egg white on the hook, and smear some egg white on the wall. After the application is complete, put it on immediately without any hurry, and let the egg white slowly dry out.
Wait until the egg white is completely dry, then stick the hook to the wall and squeeze it hard. In this way, the hook will be much stronger than before, and the hanging things will not be easy to fall off.

Second, if it is a sucker-type sticky hook, you can use hand cream.

The suction cup type sticking hook mainly relies on atmospheric pressure, so you can squeeze some hand cream on the surface of the suction cup before sticking, and then press it onto the wall.
This can completely squeeze out the air in the suction cup and stick to the wall at this time. As long as it is not too heavy, it will basically not fall off.

Third, use a hair dryer to blow.

Before sticking, use a hair dryer to heat both the sticky hook and the wall to a little heat, then immediately remove the adhesive paper and press the sticky hook to the wall.
But before sticking, remember to keep the wall clean. Using a hair dryer is actually the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, so that the hook will stick more firmly.

Fourth, use auxiliary stickers on the wall.

Sometimes wooden furniture and glass surfaces need to be attached to the hook. The viscosity of the hook alone is not enough. You can add auxiliary stickers on the wall to help increase the viscosity.
However, no matter what material it is attached to, the hook cannot be hung within 24 hours after it has just been attached. It is also an important step to let the hook rest on the wall for a period of time.