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How to do the size and installation of the tissue holder?


What is the appropriate size of the tissue holder? What is the installation height of the tissue holder? How to install the tissue holder? Questions about the size and installation of the tissue holder
Question, let's take a look together.
1. How to install the tissue box
In fact, toilet paper boxes are generally installed with suction cups, but you must buy a good quality suction cup when buying.
The benefits are very easy to fall off, which will not only cause damage to the toilet paper box, but also easily cause paper waste.
Of course, you can also use a hook. The quality of the same hook must pass. It is recommended that you go to the supermarket to buy it. The last method is to use glue
Water, using glue to stick the toilet paper box on the wall is the most direct method.
2. What is the size of the tissue holder
What is the size of the toilet paper box, we generally also look at whether it is a public toilet or a household toilet, if it is a toilet paper box for a public toilet
The size of the toilet paper box must be much larger than that of the toilet paper box at home. The toilet paper box of a public toilet is generally 30cm*40cm in size. This size is really good.
In order to place large rolls of paper, if the toilet paper box used in public toilets is small, you will face the trouble of frequent paper shortages, which will undoubtedly increase the workload.
So what is the general size of a household toilet paper box? Generally 30cm*16cm*6cm, this size can effectively place a small household
Roll paper, and it won’t be wasted. If you put a toilet paper box as big as a public toilet in your home, it’s definitely not good in terms of aesthetics.
3. Installation height of paper towel rack
The height of the toilet paper box is generally about 760mm, and the distance from the size of the toilet is generally about 300mm. The height of the urinal
At 990mm (including the entire urinal, that is, the distance from the top of the urinal to the ground). Choosing a suitable toilet tray installation is a ten
Dividing important things has a more important impact on future use.