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How to choose a good towel rack


Choose from quality
All copper towel rack is the best, followed by aluminum towel rack; Thirdly, the stainless steel towel rack, and finally the zinc alloy towel rack.
It can be selected according to moisture resistance
Because the environment where the towel rack is located is humid, the moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant function of the towel rack is particularly important. When purchasing, we should fully consider the material of towel hanging, so as to make a choice.

How to buy towel rack? What material is good for towel rack?
Towel rack with several materials recommended

1.Copper chrome plated towel rack, copper "rust" is green, that is, people often say "copper green". "Copper green" is copper oxide produced by chemical reaction between copper and oxygen. In order to prevent copper from contacting with oxygen, a layer of metal chromium is plated on its surface. Chromium is very stable, wear-resistant, bright and beautiful. After electroplating, the copper towel rack can not contact with the air, so it will not grow "copper green".

2.Pure aluminum products of alumina towel rack have poor hardness and blackening, but after oxidation, the hardness of alumina products has been greatly improved, will not blacken, has good wear resistance, and alumina products will not rust.

3.Stainless steel towel rack low-grade stainless steel will rust. The higher the chromium content of stainless steel, the less likely it is to rust. 304 stainless steel has 16% chromium content, good stability and strong corrosion resistance. It will not rust even if it is placed in a humid environment for a long time