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Different types of plastic boxes


(1) Standard plastic box. This type of logistics box is the most common stackable logistics turnover box. Whether there is a supporting box cover or no box cover will not affect the flexible stacking of upper and lower boxes or multiple boxes. 

(2) Oblique plug-in type plastic box (it can be equipped with concave outward turning box cover, which can be used when the box is stacked). The characteristics of this type of logistics box are that it can reduce the storage volume when the box is empty, so as to facilitate the round-trip cost during logistics turnover. Note that if this type of logistics box is used, when the upper and lower boxes or multiple boxes are stacked, the box cover must be used at the same time to realize stacking. 

(3) The dislocation type plastic box combines the advantages of the standard logistics box and the oblique plug-in logistics box, which can not only realize the flexible stacking of multiple boxes, but also realize the stacking of empty boxes without the help of other auxiliary accessories, which can also reduce the storage volume and the round-trip cost of logistics turnover