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What are the advantages of dish racks


(1) Large storage space
The dish rack is generally designed with upper and lower double layers, both upper and lower layers can be used to place dishes, and 20-30 dishes can be placed at a time, with a large storage space.
(2) Diverse functions
In addition to placing the dishes, the dish rack can also be used as a draining tool. Place the dishes with water droplets on the dish rack and let it stand for a while to drain the water on the dishes, and the drained water will be collected in the drain tray, and the people will pull out the dishes and pour them. Just drop the water inside. In addition, some dish racks are also designed with a hanging chopstick holder, which can be easily disassembled to clean the bottom of the small hole drain design, which can accommodate chopsticks used by a family.
(3) The material is environmentally friendly
Nowadays, most dish racks are made of stainless steel. This kind of material has good rust and corrosion resistance, does not produce any harmful substances to the human body, and is highly environmentally friendly.
(4) Reasonable design

The dish rack design is reasonable, and the inner centripetal force design is adopted. This design can ensure the uniform acceptance of the dish rack. In addition, the dish rack is also equipped with anti-skid pads, which not only prevents the dish rack from scratching the countertop, but also isolates the water stains on the countertop and improves the stability of the dish rack.