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What are the installation steps of the dish rack


1. In order to make it more convenient for us to use, when installing the dish rack, we must consider the layout of the entire kitchen and the needs of our daily life, such as the location that can be easily reached when cooking, if not commonly used If it is, it can be installed in the kitchen where there is a vacancy. In short, it can be installed in the kitchen where there is a vacancy according to your needs.
2. We all know that the area of the kitchen is relatively small, so we must make reasonable use of the vacant position in the kitchen when installing the dish rack.
3. Since the dishes are tableware that we often use in our daily life and are washed with water, they will drain when they are placed on the dish rack, so the dish rack is best installed next to the sink, because the water is so watery. The stains will not get all over the kitchen countertop.

4. As long as you grasp the main points of the dish rack installation, the installation will be very easy. Whether you choose to hang on the kitchen wall or place it on the kitchen stove, it is mainly based on your The kitchen is specific space, but now many families place the dish rack next to the sink, because it is easy to clean and handle.